Tom's interview on The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast was so jammed packed Rick Mulready decided to split it into two episodes!

In Part 1 You’ll Learn:

  • The mindset needed for successfully advertising with YouTube ads
  • Why people are starting to diversify from advertising on Facebook and the significant differences between it and YouTube
  • The different types of YouTube ad campaigns you have available
  • How to best setup your YouTube ad campaigns

And a lot more!

Make sure you tune-in to Part 2, where we dive into:

  • What kind of video ad quality is best for different types of businesses
  • How long your YouTube video ad should be
  • The anatomy of a high converting YouTube ad, including what to say
  • What kind of landing pages are converting best right now
  • What type of video ad Tom’s been testing lately that has given one of his clients a 30% increase in opt-ins and a 50% increase in sales

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[Listen to Part 2 of Tom's series on The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast here.]