We’re all familiar with the concept of the ‘Results Triangle’.

‘Market Message Media’ is the ideal way to make sure you’re reaching your ideal customer avatar, with the right information, through a method that’s going to resonate with them.

This 3-pronged attack should lie behind any funnel or strategy in your business. But what if we could take this concept one step further…

In Episode 9 of Path To Purchase, Oli Billson and Tom Breeze do just that.

Drilling down into the behaviour of the customer and looking at the milestones and key moments of their buying process, Oli and Tom share the exact process they work through, to truly get inside the head of any customer.

Looking at case studies and specific examples, you’ll discover how to make it inevitable that your product or service is going to hit your customer at exactly the right time.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to quickly and easily get into the mindset of your customers, at a much deeper level
  • How to make your products or services impossible for your customers to resist
  • The right times to hit your customers with the right message
  • What makes some moments magic, and why you need to take advantage