How to get more leads & customers with video ads

Tom Breeze has created over 1700 video advertising campaigns for his agency clients, testing and tracking all of the results. In this full 75-minute masterclass presentation, Tom covers the most effective video advertising strategies that he has learned to build self-financing campaigns that drive leads and customers.

During this presentation you will discover:

  • Why building a profitable ad campaign will become your businesses biggest asset and how to build it
  • What advertising platforms you should be focusing on in 2015 & 2016 and how to master the biggest platform
  • The benefits of Facebook, Adwords & YouTube for your business and which would be best for your business
  • How to identify, target and 'zero in' on your ideal audience that are motivated to buy
  • How to create the perfect commercials to maximise impact and cost-effectiveness
  • How to turn traffic into leads & leads into paying customers with an optimised customer journey